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Consumer Alert

You got the job!

Seena Gressin
You got the job! Work from home and earn top dollar. They already sent you a big check to buy supplies. (“Send us whatever is left, probably around $1,000,” they said.) If your alarm bells are clanging — great. This dream job has earmarks of a job scam.
Consumer Alert

Are you really the lucky winner? Spot the prize scams

Gema de las Heras
Say you hear or read the words: “You’ve won!” What will you do with your winnings? Who wouldn’t be excited to win a prize, sweepstakes, or lottery? But…did you actually win? And how do you know? Sweepstakes, prize, and lottery frauds are among the top scams people report to the FTC. These scams usually start with a call or message that says you’re a winner. (A lie.) They say to get the so-called prize you have to send money or click somewhere to give your information. Don’t. The most recent FTC data shows people reported losing $301 million to this type of fraud. That’s an average loss of $907 per person.
Consumer Alert

It’s Financial Literacy Month: Learn how to keep your money safe from scammers

Colleen Tressler
April is Financial Literacy Month, and a great time to take advantage of free advice at Matters. Federal Trade Commission data show people reported losing $8.8 billion to scams in 2022, up more than 30 percent from 2021. Money Matters has the tools we can all use to spot, avoid, and report scams, and help those we care about protect their bottom line. Read on to learn more.