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Consumer Alert

FTC to voice service provider: give the robocalls a rest

Andrew Rayo
Tired of getting endless robocalls? We are too. Robocalls aren’t just a pain to get, they’re often pushing scams for things like fake auto warranties and debt relief. But scammy robocallers can’t do
Consumer Alert

The FBI won’t ask you for money — that’s a scam

Gema de las Heras
Unwanted calls are annoying — but when a caller says they’re an FBI agent collecting on a legal judgment entered against you, it’s also scary. No matter how urgent and serious the call sounds, neither
Consumer Alert

Imposter scams targeting veterans and servicemembers

Gema de las Heras
As we continue to honor and celebrate veterans, scammers increase efforts around holidays — like Veteran’s Day — to try to take advantage. Right now, a banking scam is tricking veterans (and current
Consumer Alert

What are people reporting at

Amy Hebert
In the past 18 years of the National Do Not Call Registry, those of you signed up for the registry (244 million phone numbers right now) have reported millions upon millions of unwanted sales calls

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