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What are people reporting at

Amy Hebert
In the past 18 years of the National Do Not Call Registry, those of you signed up for the registry (244 million phone numbers right now) have reported millions upon millions of unwanted sales calls
Consumer Alert

When scam calls target your client or loved one

Amy Hebert
Calls from scammers are annoying and can cause a lot of trouble when you realize, too late, that they’re scams. What’s even worse? When they target a client or loved one you’re caring for. So today
Consumer Alert

Unwanted calls: Just block ’em and report ’em

Jim Kreidler
Unwanted calls are annoying. They can feel like a constant interruption — and many are from scammers. Unfortunately, technology makes it easy for scammers to make millions of calls a day. So this week
Consumer Alert

When it comes to scams, let’s look out for one another

Daniel Kaufman
This pandemic has brought lots of side effects. Lost jobs, lost income, and lost homes are themes we see around the country — and scammers know just how to take advantage of these worries. Another

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