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The Latest in Identity Theft and Online Security

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Consumer Alert

Identity Theft Awareness Week 2024 starts January 29

Colleen Tressler
You’ve probably heard about identity theft, but have you heard about Identity Theft Awareness week? That’s when the FTC and its partners host free podcasts, webinars, Facebook Live interviews, and other events to talk about how to spot, avoid, report, and recover from identity theft. Mark your calendars. Identity Theft Awareness Week starts Monday, January 29!
Consumer Alert

Identity theft happens in every community, so get help in your language

Larissa Bungo
Identity Theft Awareness Week is a great time to learn how to spot, avoid, and report identity theft. Chances are, you know someone who has experienced identity theft. That’s when someone uses your personal or financial information without your permission to commit fraud. It can happen to anyone, in any community. So how do you get help in your language?
Consumer Alert

Job scams targeting college students are getting personal

Lesley Fair
If you’ll be seeing college-age relatives over the holidays, warn them about a variation on the “job interview” scam that students looking for summer or permanent employment have reported to us.
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