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Sellers of edible cannabis: Stop using packaging that mimics foods popular with kids

Colleen Tressler
When sellers of edible cannabis products use packaging that mimics popular kids’ cereals, snacks, and candy, the FTC and FDA take notice — and action. Edible cannabis — like cereal, gummies, cookies, candies, and chips — have cannabis that’s derived from marijuana or hemp. Some of these foods have Delta-8 THC, which is a part of cannabis that causes psychoactive and intoxicating effects. After accidentally eating edibles with THC, many kids have gotten sick and even been hospitalized.
Consumer Alert

If DNA test kits are on your holiday shopping list

Lesley Fair
A personalized holiday gift used to mean a shirt with a monogram. But the popularity of at-home DNA test kits suggests that personalized presents have gotten a lot more personal. If genetic test kits are on your shopping list for family or friends – or if you’re buying one for yourself – the FTC has three things to think about first.

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