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Children’s Health Insurance Program: Spot the scam

Marissa Hopkins
Finding and keeping health insurance for your family can be stressful and expensive. During the pandemic, your state’s Medicaid Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) might have helped — but with the end of the pandemic, states may be reaching out to update your family Medicaid enrollments. Except scammers might try to get to you first. So how can you spot them?
Consumer Alert

Government warns sellers of edible cannabis: Stop using packaging that mimics foods popular with kids

Colleen Tressler
When sellers of edible cannabis products use packaging that mimics popular kids snacks and candy, it can be a recipe for significant health effects on kids — and unsuspecting adults. Edible cannabis like gummies, cookies, candies, and chips have cannabis that’s derived from marijuana or hemp. Some of these foods have Delta-8 THC, which is a part of cannabis that causes psychoactive and intoxicating effects ― and can have significant health effects on both adults and children. Check out the packages below. Would your kids know that eating these items could hurt them or maybe even send them to the hospital?
Consumer Alert

Medicaid: Spotting the scams

Carol Kando-Pineda
During the pandemic, states had to keep people enrolled in Medicaid so they didn’t lose their insurance. Now that the health emergency declaration is over, that requirement has been phased out — which means people eligible for Medicaid have to re-enroll in their state’s program or find new insurance, if they’re not eligible. So, where do the scams come in?

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