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Is that health insurance, a health product, or a scam?

Cristina Miranda
Looking for health insurance can be confusing. But if you run across a company that deliberately tricks you into signing up for insurance or health products that don’t deliver (and are hard to cancel)
Consumer Alert

Not enough baby formula means plenty of scammers

Colleen Tressler
Scammers exploiting the high demand for baby formula have sunk to new lows. They’re popping up online and tricking desperate parents and caregivers into paying steep prices for formula that never
Consumer Alert

LGBTQ+ community: The FTC wants to hear from you

Ari Lazarus
This National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), we’re focused on how scams affect every community — including the LGBTQ+ community. Scammers often like to impersonate familiar people, organizations

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