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Did you hear the SCOTUS decision on student loan debt relief? So did scammers.

Ari Lazarus
If you have federal student loans, you’ve probably heard about the Supreme Court decision and know that repayments are restarting in October. But you might also be hearing from scammers who take advantage of confusion around big news like this. So how will you know what’s real and what’s a scam?
Consumer Alert

Data breaches were missed learning opportunities for ed tech company

Seena Gressin
An easy step can help protect your online accounts from hackers. Whenever you can, make sure your accounts ask for two credentials to verify your identity when you log in. It’s called multifactor, or two-factor, authentication. The protection is so powerful that the FTC insisted that Chegg, Inc., offer it to users of its online educational services as part of a settlement of an FTC data breach case against it.

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