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Pyrex “Made in the USA” claims didn’t measure up

Gema de las Heras
If you took up baking during the pandemic, you may have ordered Pyrex bakeware promoted as “American as apple pie.” It turns out, says the FTC, some Pyrex glassware advertised as “proudly made in the
Consumer Alert

How to spot, avoid, and report weather-related scams

Colleen Tressler
From the relentless series of powerful storms that have battered California to the dozens of tornadoes that swept across six states, including Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky, 2023 is off to a
Consumer Alert

Prepare for winter weather emergencies while avoiding scams

Terri Miller
Scammers don’t hibernate in the winter. Just like you, they’re watching the weather reports and preparing for storms — and they’re counting on catching you unawares. As you get ready for winter

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