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Consumer Alert

FTC says companies’ warranty restrictions were illegal

Seena Gressin
Sometimes good gizmos go bad. If the gizmo — whether a motor vehicle, home appliance, or other consumer product — is under warranty, you may want to bring it to the dealer for repair. Or, you may
Consumer Alert

FTC says Kohl’s and Walmart bamboozled customers

Bridget Small
Looking to buy products that are safer for people or the environment? Take a closer look at green claims that companies make in their ads. The FTC says Kohl’s and Walmart falsely claimed they were
Consumer Alert

Dealing with tornado damage? Avoid post-disaster scams

Andrew Rayo
The recent tornado outbreak in the south is already taking a heavy toll — but scammers see it as a chance to take even more. Tornadoes can come out of the blue, followed by scammers ready to “help”
Consumer Alert

HomeAdvisor’s home improvement leads needed work

Amy Hebert
If you’re in the home improvement business — whether it’s kitchen remodeling, landscaping, or something else — getting quality leads on people looking to hire a business like yours might be worth

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