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FTC wants your repair stories

Lesley Fair
When trying to get a product fixed, you might find yourself in a fix. That’s why the FTC wants to hear what happened if you recently tried to get a product repaired.
Consumer Alert

Tracking the first winter storms of the year? So are scammers

Gema de las Heras
With all eyes on the severe weather moving around the country, scammers are paying attention, too. And they’re likely following the path of the storms to target the people affected. So, how do you protect yourself against weather-related scams?
Consumer Alert

September is National Preparedness Month: Make a plan now

Colleen Tressler, FTC, Division of Consumer and Business Education
Extreme weather and natural disasters can occur with little warning. Communities spared in the past have suffered devastating losses this year, and many are still recovering. National Preparedness Month is a great time to get ready for whatever may come your way.
Consumer Alert

Picking up the pieces after the Maui wildfires

Colleen Tressler
Wind-driven wildfires are causing devastation to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Nobody knows how long it will take to recover from the destruction, but we do know it won’t be long before scammers start trying to cash in. As the smoke begins to clear, here’s some advice to help you spot, avoid, and report disaster-related scams.

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