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Veterans: Need help with mortgage debt? Know your rights

Carol Kando-Pineda
Scammers call or email, pretending to be from the VA or your home loan servicer. They claim if you pay them an upfront fee, they can get you a loan modification or refinancing to avoid foreclosure, so you can keep your home. But that’s illegal. Do you know your rights when it comes to getting relief for your mortgage debt?
Consumer Alert

What do fraud and bad business practices look like in the Latino community?

Cristina Miranda
Scammers target everyone. But scams and reported bad business practices can play out differently in different communities. Sometimes, scammers set out to target a particular community. Sometimes, they tell a group to pay in specific ways. (Specific ways that make it very hard to get their money back, after they discover the scam.) There are also businesses who harm communities by using tactics that trick people into use their services. So, what do scams and bad business practices look like in the Latino community?
Consumer Alert

Pay your student loans — not scammers

Ari Lazarus
You’ve probably heard the news — federal student loan repayments are starting again in October. But scammers might try and tell you they can help you avoid repayment, lower your payments, or get your loans forgiven — for a price. Here’s how to spot and avoid these scams.

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