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Consumer Alert

How do you spot a scam? Listen to how someone tells you to pay

Cristina Miranda
Like spring cleaning for your finances, Financial Literacy Month is a great time to dust off your knowledge for spotting and avoiding scams. The best way to make a clean getaway from a scam? Listen to
Consumer Alert

Scammers are tricking more people into buying gift cards

Cristina Miranda
According to the newest Data Spotlight, 40,000 people reported losing a whopping $148 million in gift cards to scammers during the first nine months of 2021. Those are staggering numbers which have
Consumer Alert

Hot rental car market = scams

Emily Wu
The weather is getting warmer, and you might be itching to travel again. The mountains, the beach, and the trails are calling you — and everyone else. At least that’s what it feels like when you start

Gift Card Scams

Someone might ask you to pay for something by putting money on a gift card, like a Google Play or iTunes card, and then giving them the numbers on the back of the card. If they ask you to do this
Consumer Alert

New tools to fight gift card scams

Cristina Miranda
This holiday season (and year-round), gift cards are on scammers’ wish lists. Scammers always have a reason for you to pay them immediately with a gift card. And they often tell you which card to buy
Consumer Alert

Did someone tell you to pay with gift cards? It’s a scam

Traci Armani
Maybe someone said you’ve won the lottery, a prize or sweepstakes. Or they claim to be from the government and tell you there’s a problem with your Social Security number. And, to collect your
Consumer Alert

Worshipers targeted by gift card scam

Colleen Tressler
We’re seeing a new spin on gift card scams. This time, scammers are pretending to be a pastor, rabbi, priest, imam, or bishop. They’re asking worshipers for gift card contributions for a worthy cause
Consumer Alert

Asked to pay by gift card? Don’t.

Jennifer Leach
Has someone asked you to go get a gift card to pay for something? Lots of people have told us they’ve been asked to pay with gift cards – by a caller claiming to be with the IRS, or tech support, or a
Consumer Alert

Scammers push people to pay with iTunes gift cards

Amy Hebert
One thing we know about scammers — they want money, and they want it fast. That’s why, whatever the con they’re running, they usually ask people to pay a certain way. They want to make it easy for