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Consumer Alert

Slow your scroll: Spot and avoid social media giveaway scams

Terri Miller
You may have heard us say when you’re shopping online, check things out before checkout. The same advice applies to giveaways on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Here’s why: One in four people who reported losing money to fraud since 2021 said it started on social media. Scammers make it hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Want to avoid scams on your feed? Slow your scroll and keep reading to find out how.
Consumer Alert

Safely donating in response to the Israel-Gaza crisis

Larissa Bungo
Following the Israel-Gaza crisis in the news and want to help by donating to a charity? Scammers follow the news, too, and are at the ready. Just like in the wake of a natural disaster, scammers set up fake charities to take advantage of your generosity.
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