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Spot and stop dishonest charity fundraisers

Rosario Méndez
What’s worse than a bogus charity? A bogus charity with a dishonest fundraiser. The FTC has sued and stopped dishonest charity fundraisers that called people to get them to donate to fake charities. Some prey on your kindness and desire to help people impacted by weather emergencies or a disaster. But when you get a call from a charity fundraiser, how do you know the caller is telling you the truth?
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Not all business coaches are trying to help you

Ari Lazarus
Starting your own small business is a big deal, so you might hire a business coach to help you. But sometimes, these business coaches are only looking to help themselves — at your (literal) expense. Read on to learn how to spot these scams.
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What to do if you’re billed for an SBA EIDL or PPP loan you don’t owe

Rosario Méndez
Did you get a bill for a Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan or COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) you never applied for? If the answer is yes, an identity thief probably used your personal information to get the loan. Here's how to report this problem and start the SBA review process to help you clear up any credit problems the identity theft may have caused.

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