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Consumer Alert

Free COVID test scam targets people on Medicare

Gema de las Heras
Scammers have been targeting Medicare recipients with a fake offer to get “free COVID tests.” They’re calling and running websites, online and television ads to try to convince people to give their
Consumer Alert

Scammers pretend to be the FTC again

Jennifer Leach
Scammers are back at it, pretending to be FTC Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter and staff at the FTC. They’re emailing, saying there’s an award ready to be collected (for a fee), or an outstanding
Consumer Alert

Spilling the tea on the latest COVID-19 cure claim

Jim Kreidler
Wouldn’t it be nice if all you had to do to get rid of COVID-19 was drink some tea? Well, selling people easy, feel good products — without competent scientific evidence — is something scammers are
Consumer Alert

Don’t assume every COVID-19 test site is legit

Ari Lazarus
If you’ve been looking for a COVID-19 test, you probably know that they are in short supply. Unfortunately, scammers love to “help” with shortages. They’ve created fake and unauthorized at-home
Consumer Alert

How to avoid buying fake COVID tests online

Colleen Tressler
The news is filled with images of long lines at in-person COVID testing sites and reports of limited supplies of at-home test kits. It’s not a surprise that, according to the U.S. Food and Drug