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People look to their local media as leaders.

People look to their local media — newspaper and radio and television stations — as leaders in the community and as credible sources of information about important issues. Here's what media outlets can do to support every community's commitment to protect teens from easy access to alcohol.

Print Media

  • Publish this column. Reprint permission is granted as long as the content is not changed.
  • Print the op-ed on your editorial page.
  • Use the facts on this website, and the responses to questions about alcohol, to prepare a story about the risk of serving alcohol to teens.

Radio and Television Stations

  • Read the announcer copy on the air.
  • Download the audio PSA and run it regularly.
  • Run a news story on parents who don't serve alcohol to teens, and the kids who support them.
  • Assign a media personality to become involved in the We Don't Serve Teens campaign, and help publicize the campaign message.
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