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Identity Theft Awareness Week Jan 29 - Feb 2 2024

Identity Theft Awareness Week 2024, Jan. 29 - Feb. 2

Has someone used your personal information to open accounts, steal your tax refund, or file fake health insurance claims? That’s identity theft. It can happen to anyone, but simple steps can help lessen the chance it will happen to you.

Join us for Identity Theft Awareness Week 2024. The FTC and its partners will host free podcasts, webinars, Facebook Live interviews, and other events focused on avoiding and recovering from identity theft and spotting scams. We’ll have information for everyone and added advice for servicemembers, older adults, young adults, and business owners. 

Information in Multiple Languages

The FTC now has information in multiple languages on what identity theft is, how to spot it, what you can do to protect your identity, and where to report it if it happens to you. Check out Identity theft happens in every community, so get help in your language.

Spread the Word

Please tell people who follow you on social media about Identity Theft Awareness Week. Share these messages and graphics. See the messages and graphics in Spanish at

Message #1:
Identity Theft Awareness Week starts January 29! Visit for details on free events and resources. #IDTheftWeek #IDTheft

Message #2:
Find out what to do if your identity is stolen. #IDTheftWeek starts January 29. Visit to learn about free events and resources. #IDTheft

Sharable Graphic: Identity Theft Awareness Week January 29 - February 2, 2024

Sharable Graphic: Identity theft happens in every community 


Sharable Graphic: Stay ahead of identity thieves. Check your credit report.

Sharable Graphic: Protect your SSN, FSA ID, and financial info. 


Sharable Graphic: Caring for someone? Concerned about identity theft?

Sharable Graphic: Signs of identity theft 



What if identity theft happens to you?

 Visit to report identity theft to the FTC and get a personal recovery plan. walks you through recovery steps for more than 30 types of identity theft.

More Information

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