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This video provides tips to help you donate wisely and avoid charity scams. It emphasizes the importance of researching charities before giving to make sure make sure your donation is going to help the cause and the people you care about.


It hurts my heart to realize 
that there are actually people 
out there who are willing 
to take advantage 
of innocent people
only for greed. 

And you got good people
out there that want to donate, 
that want to give, and want 
to support these families. 
And then you've got 
the people out there
that are taking advantage. 

These scams must be stopped, 
and you can help by just doing 
a little bit of research. 
Go online. 
Go to, 
there you'll find 
the information that you need 
on how to conduct the research, 
and also tips 
on how to avoid scams. 
Make sure your donation counts.