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Trying to lose weight? Watch this video to learn the truth behind weight loss product ads. Promises like "lose weight without diet or exercise" or the “product works for everyone!” are false.


Hey, Jane. You look great. 

Thanks. I'm trying to work out and eat healthier. You know how that is. 

Oh, I know. I'm thinking of trying this pill I found online. 

A diet pill? Are you sure about that? 

Why not? Everyone says it's amazing-- doctors, real people, even news reports. 

Let me see that. Carol, it's all fake. 

Fake? How so? 

Look, I tried that pill and it did nothing. I found out later that those doctors are paid actors, and the news report is really a paid add. 

Well, what's the harm in just trying it out? It's a free trial, and it might work for me. 

I signed up for their free trial, but it wasn't free. Every month, they sent more pills and charged my credit card. I couldn't get them to stop. 

That's terrible. 

It was a mess, and the product didn't even work. 

There are so many products that claim to help you lose weight. Do you think any of them work? 

Well, a miracle pill or a cream is not going to do it. 

So I guess I need to eat better and exercise more. 

That's right. The best way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and be more active. But it's not that bad. Come running with me next week. 

OK, that could be fun. 

I'll talk to you later.

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