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Before kids post online, download a game or program, or buy something, they should take a second to stop and think before they click.


We spend a lot of our lives online. We text. We play games. We share photos and video.

And as we do these things, it’s easy to get caught up and not think before we post or click.    

It can be easy to over-share, and embarrass yourself, or someone else.

So no matter how fast your fingers fly on a keyboard or cell phone, the best tool you have to avoid risk – is your brain.

So when you’re ready to send a text, or post a picture or video... Stop and think.

Do you want a message or photo you posted to show up years from now, when you apply for college or a job?

While a video or picture may be funny to you, how will other people feel about it?

Being online is part of your life.

So, take a second. Stop and think before you click.   


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