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Teaches kids how to protect themselves online with privacy settings and good online practices.


Since being online is part of our lives, it’s a good idea to take steps to protect ourselves, our information, and our computers.
One thing you can do to stay safe is to limit your online friends to people you actually know.  
By turning on privacy settings and learning about location-based services, you can keep strangers from learning too much about you.  
And don’t give certain information out - to anyone. Your Social Security number, family bank accounts, and even your password can cause lots of trouble in the wrong hands.
You can protect yourself and your computer by keeping up-to-date on security software and being cautious about what you click. Emails, P2P downloads, and promises of 'free' stuff can hide viruses and spyware.
Being online is part of your life, So stop and think before you click.

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