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Learn the signs of a business opportunity scam straight from the source: a former telemarketing con artist.

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Narrator: And it may come as no surprise, that when the economy is in decline, fraud is on the rise.

Jim Vitale: You have people that have been successful for the last 10 years, so they got a little something put away. Now, you know, they took their expense account, they cut their overtime, so now they’re looking to increase their earning potential. Business opportunities can boom in a recession and in a downturn of the economy.

Eileen Harrington: Nobody in business is going to give you your money back if your business fails.

Jim Vitale: You never saw me in your life! You saw a commercial on TV. You got on the phone with me, you spoke to me for 10 seconds, I gave you some names to call, and I gave you some things to look up. And you called me back three days later, and you wrote me a check for $50,000. Does that sound a little screwed up?

Eileen Harrington: People want to believe that there is some opportunity that they can invest in that will guarantee that they will have financial success. There is no such thing; there just is no sure deal. None.

Jim Vitale: The best advice I could give to anybody who’s looking to purchase a business opportunity, or purchase any investment over the phone, is “fast nos and slow yeses.” Period. The end. Fast nos and slow yeses.

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