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Scammers are shameless and clever. They even take advantage of people struggling to earn an income through a business or job opportunity.

If you are looking for a business or job opportunity, steer clear of any company or person claiming they can offer you a "guaranteed" job placement or "risk-free" business opportunity.


Operation Empty Promises is part of the ftc's continuing effort to crack down on scammers who sell
bogus business opportunities, fradulent work at home schemes,
and worthless job listings.
One of really heart breaking things about our job
is we hear over and over from consumers who
tell us that mere minutes after they gave someone their credit card information,
they did a simple internet search and they found stories made them break out in a cold sweat.
Most people have read or heard about the latest succesful new businesses on the internet.
But not everyone has heard about the businesses that fail and the reasons why they fail.
Scammers try to take advantage of this by creating the impression that the internet is a magic place
where you can easily make money without putting in hard work or without having a solid business plan.
If you're getting promises like that, its a great sign youre dealing with a scammer.
Scammers want to create an impression that if you dont buy immediatley,
youre going to miss out on a valueable opportunity.
They want you to give up your bank or credit card information before
you had an opportunity to look into their claims or talk to other people
who have had experiences with the company.
This is a classic sign of fraud.
If someone is creating a high pressure atmosphere for you,
you should walk away and do your research before you buy.
You should never rely on a refund policy or a money back guarantee as a
substitute for researching the offer that has been presented to you.
If someone is promising you that you are going to earn a lot of money,
but theyre being vague about what you would do or how you would earn it,
that is a sign of fraud. In the online business context that may mean that theyre telling you that
youre going to make a lot of money with a succesful business
but theyre not telling you what you would sell,
how people would come to your website, or what your expenses would be.
They may tell you that you dont need to know these details because they
are going to take care of everything.
Dont trust those claims, you need to be involved in your own business.

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