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What to do if you are having problems making your student loan payments, and how to avoid a student loan debt relief scam.
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Sam got a good job after college. But he still had trouble paying rent and making his student loan payments. Then Sam saw an ad for a company that said it could help pay off his student loan.

The company seemed official. It even had a government seal. When Sam called the company, the woman there said she could get his loan forgiven. But first, she said, he would have to pay the company.

Sam thought that sounded great, but first he wanted to do some checking. So he searched online for the company name plus the word complaint. He found out that lots of people had lost money to this company and never got any help.

Sam also learned that companies can not ask for money in advance before they help you with your student loan debt. That's illegal. Luckily, Sam found the help he needed at And it was free.

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