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Share this page gives servicemembers and military families short consumer tips on the go to help them stay mission-ready at home and abroad. Visit to learn more.


I'm Jessica Rich, Director of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission. 

And I'm Technical Sergeant James Mulherin. 

When the Department of Defense said that financial readiness is a big part of military preparedness, we listened. When you know how to manage your money and how to spot a rip off, you're more financially solid. That keeps you mission ready, at home and abroad. 

That's why the Department of Defense, the Federal Trade Commission, and others teamed up to make your tool for financial readiness. 

We are proud to offer our uniformed service members and families quick mobile tips that won't slow you down. Want to buy a car, manage your money during deployment, or continue your education? Get started, right from your phone, at 

Before you open your wallet, check out military consumer. 

For all our members of the Uniformed Services, knowledge is the first line of defense for you and your family. Visit, your tool for financial readiness. 

Please download and share our resources.

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