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Paid someone you think is a scammer?

Jim Kreidler
Last week, we kicked off the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month with ideas about recognizing and avoiding scams. This week, it’s about what to do if you think you’ve paid a scammer. These steps
Consumer Alert

How to spot, stop, and report post-disaster scams

Colleen Tressler
Whether you’re starting to assess the damage from Hurricane Ida, the recent flooding in Tennessee, the wildfires in the West, or another natural disaster, coping with the aftermath is never easy. But
Consumer Alert

What to know before you buy something online

Alvaro Puig
Ahh, summer. Ten sweet yet short weeks to enjoy some of your favorite traditions. Maybe it’s sipping an ice cold drink on the porch, spending a weekend at the beach, or cooling off with the kids at

Auto Loan Refinancing Scams

If you're having trouble paying your car loan, you might think about doing business with a company that says they can get you lower monthly payments. But not all refinancing companies play by the

Vehicle Repossession

If you don’t make your car payments on time, your lender could have the right to take your car without going to court or telling you first. Learn what can happen, and what you can do, if your vehicle
Consumer Alert

Avoid payment scams while rebuilding your finances

Sana Chriss
Over the past year, the Coronavirus created financial problems for many people. Maybe you’re one of them. As you work to regain your financial footing, scammers will continue to try to steer you off
Consumer Alert

Avoid scammers offering to pay your rent

Lisa Lake
If you’re facing eviction for any reason, there are organizations out there who can help you. But there are also fake “organizations” and “charities” who can hurt you. COVID-19 has created an even
Consumer Alert

Stimulus payments for people, not nursing homes

Lois C. Greisman
If you, or someone you care about, lives in an assisted living facility or nursing home, read on. Because the bill funding the second round of Economic Impact Payments (EIPs) has now been signed into