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Consumer Alert

FTC puts advertisers on notice: honest opinions only

Seena Gressin
If you’re like many people, before you lay your money down — particularly for big-ticket items — you want to hear what past buyers say about them. The FTC took a big step today to make sure that what

Sample Customer Complaint Letter

Effective complaint letters explain the problem and how you’d like the company to resolve it. Try to be clear and include only the details you need to describe the problem and the resolution you want

Buyer’s Remorse: The FTC’s Cooling-Off Rule May Help

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what have I done?” after buying something, you’re not alone. Maybe you signed up for a pricey sales training program at a multi-level marketing company’s recruiting
Consumer Alert

All I want for Christmas…is what I ordered

Carol Kando-Pineda
You’ve probably spent a good part of 2020 doing some online shopping. Now that the holidays are here, you definitely want to be sure you — or your friends and family — actually get what you ordered
Consumer Alert

On the first day of consumer protection…

Jim Kreidler
Welcome to the FTC’s 12 Days of Consumer Protection, a holiday series to help you save money and avoid scams. Each day, we’ll cover a new topic — from shopping online and bogus shipping notifications
Consumer Alert

FTC: A sound amplifier is not a hearing aid

Colleen Tressler
An estimated 35 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. If you’re one of them, it’s important to know the difference between a hearing aid and a personal sound amplification product