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How To Evaluate Online Reviews

Online reviews might help you decide what to buy or what company to hire. You should be able to trust that these reviews reflect the honest opinions of people who actually used a product or service. Unfortunately, some reviews are fake, deceptive, or manipulated — and that hurts both people and honest companies.
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FTC: Detox tea claims are hard to swallow

Colleen Tressler

Looking to improve your health or lose a few pounds? Maybe detox teas promoted by celebrities on social media have caught your eye.

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LendEDU deceptively promoted financial products

Cristina Miranda

Online comparison sites can be great ways to check out products you want to try or buy. But are those reviews and rankings objective, accurate, and unbiased?

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Your right to post honest reviews

Bridget Small

Whether your summer plans include replacing your air conditioning, installing new flooring, or riding the range, you will probably read