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Consumer Alert took kids’ info without parents’ ok

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle
Do you know a child who dreams of being the next big star? Who spends time at home, recording song and dance routines (maybe over, and over, and over again)? That child may have used a free app called

It's All About the Technique

Advertisers don't just shove things into ads. They study what people like and then try to design an approach that will appeal to their target audience. When it comes to what goes into an ad

Deconstruction Zone

Try it outHere's an ad that's taken apart, and one to take apart, or deconstruct, on your own.Who's responsible for the ad? Look for the logo, which is the symbol representing the brand. When you find

Go Ahead — Be Critical

"Don't be so critical."Maybe you've heard that from time to time. But when it comes to things you read and see, it pays to think critically. Everything that's written is written by someone for a

Texting and Cell Phone Bills

Meet Shock... Bill ShockIf your parents have ever met Bill Shock, you'd probably know.Mr. Shock isn't a who — it's a what: bill shock is what happens when your family cell phone bill is much higher