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Consumer Alert

Looking to buy an exotic pet? Scammers are hoping to hear from you

Ari Lazarus
Social media can connect us to friends and family across the country — but it can also connect us to scammers. Impersonators on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are pretending to sell exotic animals to try and get people’s money. Here’s how to spot and avoid these scammers.
Consumer Alert

No one is using your Social Security number to commit crimes. It’s a scam.

Alvaro Puig
The phone rings. Your caller ID says it’s the Social Security Administration. You hesitate. You’re not expecting a call from them, and you’ve heard about impersonation scams. But something inside you makes you pick up. And everything you’re about to hear is designed to scare you into doing whatever the caller says.
Consumer Alert

That text about overdue toll charges is probably a scam

Andrew Rayo
When you go through a toll, you know you’ll need to pay a fee to use that road or bridge. But scammers are targeting drivers with text messages pretending to be from the tolling agency collecting “overdue toll charges.” Here’s what to know about this text scam.
Consumer Alert

Aqua Finance misled people about financing for home water treatment systems

Cristina Miranda
At some point, most of us will rely on financing to buy the things we need or want. But what happens when financing terms aren’t clear? Or you’re told to expect a monthly payment amount, but end up paying more? That’s not only illegal, but it costs you money and can hurt your credit.