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Whether you’re renewing your Green Card, becoming a citizen, or trying to choose the right forms, immigration issues can be complicated – and it’s important to do things right.  Use the resources on this page to help you spot and avoid scams, and find the right kind of help.

Immigration Help

Avoid Immigration Scams and Get Real Help

Learn where to go for legitimate immigration help and avoid dealing with a scammer.

Immigration (video)

This video shows how someone gets into trouble with an immigration consultant – and then out of trouble again.

Scams Against Immigrants (video)

Recognize and report scammers who falsely promise help with immigration.

Notario Scams Fotonovela  

Notario scams thumbnail This fotonovela tells readers the warning signs of a notario scam, where to find help with the immigration process, and how to report scams to the Federal Trade Commission.


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