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This video shows how someone gets into trouble with an immigration consultant – and then out of trouble again.


Andre wanted help to get a visa for his wife, Ava.
He saw an ad in the local paper for a travel agent who did immigration work.
When he called, the agent promised she could help.

She wanted Ava's birth certificate, other papers, and money for her services.
Andre and Ava gave her everything and waited, and waited.

When they called, she didn't answer.
And she was always too busy to see them.

Finally, Andre talked to a lawyer.
He found out the kind of immigration consultant he went to can't legally help with immigration.
In fact, sometimes they just make things worse.

The lawyer got Ava's papers back before the consultant turned them in.
Andre and Ava were lucky. In the end, they only lost some money, not Ava's chance to immigrate.

Ava still had time to apply for her visa. And they found a lawyer who could give them real help.
But Andre really wished he hadn't paid that money for nothing.

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