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This video shows how keeping a budget helps someone pay all his bills.


Every month, Michael ran out of money just before payday.
He had to skip paying some bills and pay some bills late.
He hated that.

So Michael decided to make a budget to see if it would help him pay his bills when they were due.
He wrote on a budget worksheet how much money he made each month.
Then Michael looked at what he spent the last month.
He used those expenses to write what he thought he would spend this month.

His expenses were higher than his income, which he knew. But now he knew where his money went.
He started cutting. He cut money for eating out, movie tickets, and other things he wanted but couldn't afford all the time.

That solved the problem and even gave him $50 extra for the month.
He put $10 back in his budget to rent movies. And he saved the rest.

That month, Michael carefully followed his budget. If he spent more in one budget area, he cut from another.
He had enough money to pay all his bills on time. Michael felt much better with a budget.

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