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Consumer Alert

Spot and avoid home-related fraud this winter

Gema de las Heras
Between inflation and soaring energy prices, many of us are thinking about how much more it’s going to cost to stay warm this year. Getting an email, a call, or a knock on your door with an offer to cut your utility bill may seem like hitting the savings lottery. But before you say “yes,” know that scammers may hide behind some of those offers. They’re after your money and information and will leave you out in the cold.

Online Shopping

Before you buy online, comparison shop and check sellers and products. Keep records of purchases to make sure you can hold a seller to its promises

Shopping for Light Bulbs

Need to replace a light bulb? People used to shop for light bulbs by the watt, but wattage only tells you how much energy a bulb uses — not how bright it is. That takes lumens. Here’s what to know as you shop around for a new light bulb.