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Learn about utility scams and how you can protect your business. Scammers target small businesses by calling pretending to be from a utility company and lying saying your electricity, or another essential service will be cut off if you don’t pay some overdue bill immediately over the phone. Tell your employees about utility scams so that the next time they get a panicked call from a utility company they hang up the phone. Learn more at



Your restaurant gets a call right at lunch rush. They say it's the electricity company, and your service will come up immediately unless you pay right now. They may ask you to pay by prepaid card. Panic time, right? 

Wrong, it's a scam. Hang up and report the call to your utility company and to the Federal Trade Commission, then talk to your staff so they won't panic the next time they get a call like that. Learn how to spot scams against your small business and talk to your colleagues about it to. Learn more at 

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