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People’s experience with scams, and the tips to help all of us avoid scams and protect those we care about.



I had a phone call from my sister. She had gotten a phone call from someone saying that my brother had gotten into a car accident and hit a kid. 

When I got out of the military, that was around the time when I would start getting collection calls from third parties I did not recognize. 


The company promised to pay my credit cards. They advertised on TV. 

They told me that they needed my social security number. They needed my bank account number for new Medicare cards. 

These scams can target very specific communities. So when it's happening to you, chances are it's happening to people you know, people you love. So tell other people about it. Warn them. And by talking about it, telling these stories, you're helping to protect not just yourself but your whole community. 

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