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Consumer Alert

You got the apartment! Spot rental listing scams before you pay

Royal Rose
You’ve found it: A listing for the perfect off-campus apartment. The rental agent told you to send a security deposit by wiring money. Sound fishy? That’s because it is. But can you spot other rental listing scams — before you pay?

Rental Listing Scams

When you’re looking for an apartment or vacation rental, you’re probably looking at price, location and amenities.

Consumer Alert

Incorrect background reports can deny you a home

Lisa Lake

Whether you’re just starting out or starting a new life, information on your background report can determine if you get credit, a job, or even housing.

Consumer Alert

WeTakeSection8 – but not really

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle

Looking for an apartment? Many of us start looking online, trusting that the rental sites give us good information. But what if they don’t, and then charge for it?

Consumer Alert

Renting an apartment? Be prepared for a background check

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle

You’re about to rent an apartment. You’ve saved for your security deposit and lined up a moving truck. But have you checked your credit report? Landlords may, so you should too.