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How To Spot, Avoid, and Report Fake Check Scams

Fake checks might look like business or personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, or a check delivered electronically. Here’s what to know about fake check scams. Types of Fake Checks Scams Why

Nanny and Caregiver Job Scams

If you’re looking for a job as a babysitter, nanny, or other kind of caregiver, you might have searched online or used a website that matches you up with potential employers. Scammers also use these
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Don’t let job scams block your path forward

Lisa Lake
After more than a year of pandemic-related devastating losses — including job losses – you may be one of millions looking to get back on your feet with a new job. This Financial Literacy Month, as
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Wrapping up 2020 with more car wrap scams

Ari Lazarus
We just heard from more companies that scammers are using their names to trick people into a car wrap scam. This time, scammers are saying they’re Marlboro or Purell (but they’re not really). The gist
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Fake check scams and your small business

Traci Armani
If someone you don’t know sends you a check and asks for money back, that’s a scam. But what if you’re a small business owner and someone “overpays” you and asks you to refund the balance? That’s
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Economic impact payments for U.S. citizens abroad

Seena Gressin
Are you a United States citizen living abroad? For millions of expatriates, help from home is on the way in the form of COVID-19 economic impact payments. Unfortunately, scammers also are on the way
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Coronavirus stimulus payment scams: What you need to know

Alvaro Puig
We know there’s been a flood of information and updates about the government’s economic impact payments, or so-called stimulus checks, lately. But quickly and safely moving massive amounts of money
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What's a money mule scam?

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle
Scammers may try to use you to move stolen money. If you help them, you could be what law enforcement calls a money mule. Money mule scams happen several ways. The story often involves scams related
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Fake offers for secret shopper jobs

Bridget Small
Did you get an offer to be a secret shopper for a well-known company? It might come as text, email, or letter inviting you to work on a ‘research project starting soon in your area.’ Several people
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FTC: The bottom-line on fake checks scams

Colleen Tressler
If someone you don’t know sends you a check and asks for money back, that’s a scam. Fake checks drive many types of scams — like those involving phony job and income opportunities, online classified