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What to do when you (and your kids) are online at home

Jennifer Leach
If you have kids in school, there’s a good chance they’re kicking off their school year…in your living room. All the while, you might be working away, yourself, in some carved out corner at home. The
Consumer Alert

What to ask before buying internet-connected toys

Cristina Miranda
What’s on your holiday wish list? Perhaps a smart speaker for your kids’ bedroom, or a cuddly cool internet-connected smart toy to help them learn? Before you give one of these connected toys, read
Consumer Alert

Nicotine is not a child’s food

Colleen Tressler
Over the past several years, sales of electronic cigarettes have grown rapidly, especially among youth. They currently are the fastest growing part of the tobacco market. Unlike traditional cigarettes


Teens are forming their own values and beginning to take on the values of their peers. As they mature, many are eager to experience more independence from their parents. Teens are closing in on