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Consumer Alert

Share FTC materials here, there, and everywhere

Bridget Small
Have you wondered how you can help the older adults in your life — your parents, grandparents, and neighbors — avoid fraud? Here’s an easy answer: share. Share what you know about fraud, and share
Consumer Alert

School shopping can be a teachable moment

Colleen Tressler
As summer winds down, it’s time for back-to-school shopping. Here are some tips to help you save time and money. Get the teacher-approved list. Many teachers have lists of items they want their

Talk to Your Kids

When your kids begin socializing online, you may want to talk to them about certain risks: Inappropriate conduct: The online world can feel anonymous. Kids sometimes forget that they are still


Cyberbullying is bullying or harassment that happens online. It can happen in an email, a text message, a game, or on a social networking site. It might involve spreading rumors or images posted on

Interact with Tact

As you talk to people online, remember that texting, IMing, or emailing really is no different than talking to someone in person. If you wouldn't say it to someone's face, it's not OK to type it

Heads Up!

You text, you play games, you share photos and video. You update your status, you post comments, you might spend time in a virtual world. Being online — connected through some sort of device — is how

The Protection Connection

There are lots of ways to be safe, and you've probably heard most of them: Look both ways before you cross the street. Don't take candy from strangers. Don't run with scissors. Versions of those

Share with Care

The next time you're online, think about what you share with others. Do you forward pictures or videos of your friends from your phone? Do you have a profile on a social network, or a blog? You have