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Consumer Alert

What to ask before buying internet-connected toys

Cristina Miranda

What’s on your holiday wish list? Perhaps a smart speaker for your kids’ bedroom, or a cuddly cool internet-connected smart toy to help them learn?

Consumer Alert

Parental Advisory: Dating Apps

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle

Parents be warned: some dating apps – like FastMeet, Meet24 and Meet4U – allow adults to find and communicate with children.

Consumer Alert took kids’ info without parents’ ok

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle

Do you know a child who dreams of being the next big star? Who spends time at home, recording song and dance routines (maybe over, and over, and over again)?

Consumer Alert

Nicotine is not a child’s food

Colleen Tressler

Over the past several years, sales of electronic cigarettes have grown rapidly, especially among youth. They currently are the fastest growing part of the tobacco market.


Young Kids

When very young children start using a computer, they should be supervised closely by a parent or caregiver.