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Planning to drive in another country? Here’s how to avoid International Driver’s Permit scams

Larissa Bungo
Wondering if you need an international license to drive in a country you’re visiting? Every country has its own rules for visitors who want to drive. In some, like Canada, your U.S. driver’s license is all you need. Other countries require you to get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). Scammers try to confuse you with fake IDPs and websites that not only take your money and give you nothing but can also cause you trouble abroad.
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Is that person you met online really a military servicemember…or a scammer?

Cristina Miranda
If you meet someone on social media or a dating website or app, how can you tell if their profile is real? They say they’re in the military — but scammers especially like to pose as military servicemembers stationed overseas. What’s the best way to spot a fake?
Jobs and Making Money
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Job scams that start on social media: Appointment Setters

Colleen Tressler
Here’s a new scam spotted on social media: appointment setting jobs. They claim you can work from home and make big money. But just what does an appointment setter do? And how can you tell the difference between a legit job offer and a scam?

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