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Consumer Alert

Grandparent scams in the age of Coronavirus

Lisa Weintraub Schifferle

“Grandma: I’m in the hospital, sick, please wire money right away.” “Grandpa: I’m stuck overseas, please send money.” Grandparent scams can take a new twist – and a new sense of urgency – in these

Consumer Alert

60 and over in the time of COVID-19? Read on.

Jennifer Leach

I know, 60-year-olds. You’re not old. In fact, we’ve found that, when people think “old,” they think of someone about 10 years older than they are right now.

Tech Support Scams

Here’s how they work:

You get a call or message from someone who says they’re a computer technician. Or a number appears in a pop-up message on your screen. Or maybe you’re looking for tech support

Pass It On

Share What You Know. Stop Scams.

Chances are good that someone you know has been scammed. They may not talk about it, but the statistics do.

The truth is that sharing what you know can help protect