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If you’ve been affected by a recent natural disaster has someone called asking to verify your FEMA registration even though you didn’t apply? Or have you tried to claim FEMA benefits or assistance, but were told you had already applied?


After receiving multiple complaints from people living in these affected areas, the FTC wants you to know about a scam involving FEMA impersonators and identity theft. Here is what people are reporting:


  • Someone pretending to be from FEMA is calling to ask people for their personal information
  • People’s identities have been stolen after a recent natural disaster
  • Someone has filed for FEMA benefits using people’s names


FEMA has tips to help protect yourself from disaster fraud. This includes what to do if you try to register for FEMA assistance online but get a verification error, and what to do if someone calls asking you to verify your FEMA registration even though you did not apply. You also can check out the FTC’s information on imposter scams, including people pretending to be from the government.

Has your identity already been stolen? Visit to receive a step-by-step personal recovery plan. And if you’ve spotted a disaster-related fraud, please tells us about it at

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February 06, 2018
I had my SS card stolen by a cable service tech who came into my home to address cable issues. I filed a police report as well as reported the Techs name to the Cable Company. Because I didn't have visual proof of him taking my personal items from my home the police closed case and Cable company did nothing but say I'm sorry. The tech was actually employed by cable company (Comcast) not a sub contractor and they still didn't care. I have done everything possible to protect my info but even having a 7 year Fraud alert placed with all credit Bureaus and Bank, and I am constantly having to change bank cards and security measures and if i use any of my personal cards to order ANYTHING ONLINE. Amazon was big one along with a few others. As soon as I tried to order from well known companies I get charges on my card I used within a day or 2. All of this is relevant to FEMA because I did apply but did not get any assistance. I was told to apply for Diaster loans. How am I supposed to know if someone else may have already used my information and received assistance from FEMA?
Jose G
February 08, 2018

Please send me in Spanish , because I can to do described as To prevent - Awareness for more people that work in the company where I job. My position is Security Analyst.

February 06, 2018
Grants fraud FEMA and DHS post Irma ,DARPA ,WFa government entity and it was to help prevent an assistant government and fighting money laundering and was a phone bank
February 06, 2018
I do not know if this is helpful; however I noticed a match of a person, opening confusing to fraudulent enthusiasm. I enter Scam; in the GIF field, on a Facebook post. I saw yesterdays article, regarding Love scams. I thought of a friend; who's mother had recently shared with me, her sons situation, with a Facebook Love. Additionally; she shared that he sent money to this opposed Love, money through Western Union if my memory serves me? It has been awhile, thus the article. I am going to try to add the GIF, the enthusiastic fraud and robbery. Many problems are arising from these verification issues. No one can make an honest living these days. If I am not successful with the GIF copy paste, seek the head shot I speak of on any GIF on Facebook?
February 12, 2018

please,be aware that a scammer is working in full speed and scheming how to bilk innocent people of thousands of dollars,the number telephone they use is free..1-877-334-4872. they printed on a<> that i should pay $5,538.10.for"services rendered"..for "my car'.

i dont have a car,i dont drive and i dont have a license.this is a low of the low of how low people can stoop to steal from non-suspe3cting people.again the number is 1-877-334-4872. the usa goverment should put a stop to those thieves.they should pay heavy fines and be jailed for life. fbi,wake up

February 12, 2018

I got a email to call bout a claim I had then they said I already had Filed and wouldn't be getting any Thing, it seemed normal to me cause When my roof was took off they said The same thing

Paula C.
February 07, 2018
Dallas County, Texas, had been designated “Public Assistance” and I have been notified that this has been noted on my credit status by the credit bureaus. According to the investigative reporter on our local news, people like me, with this designation are being denied credit. I have never applied for public assistance and otherwise have excellent credit rating.
February 08, 2018
February 13, 2018
‭+1 (504) 355-2116‬ Called me today and said they where irs and I had 24 hours before they would arrest me if I did not call. So I reported them as I did last month to the Atlanta area code irs scam. After that though I thought why not call them. They already have this number and I got time to kill. I called them not once, not twice, but 40 times! At first they answered this is irs bla bla bla. But after I went through the 4 callers they all knew me and started calling me names and telling me not to call them? I thought I had to or I am getting arrested. The call you gave me never said I needed to pay but just call. So I did and they got mad and just started hanging up on me? I got nasty with them some calls, did a few prank calls, went into calling each other names. It was fun. I will give them a few calls later just for fun. Suggest people really wake up if these type of scams get you but have fun with them. If an officer shows up then be worried. Besides you should know if you are in trouble with the irs already unless someone used your identity.
February 13, 2018

In reply to by STH

That same 504 number just called me too left a VM thank you for this comment and for saving me a post.
February 14, 2018
me too. Note to scammers: police officers are not referred to as "cops" by the IRS.