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California continues to be plagued by wildfires — including the Woolsey Fire near Los Angeles and the Camp Fire in Northern California, now one of the deadliest in the state’s history.

Dozens of people have lost their lives, thousands of homes and business have been destroyed, and more than 250,000 Californians have been forced to leave their homes.

If you’re looking for a way to help those in need, do some research to ensure that your donation will go to a reputable organization that will use the money as promised.

Urgent appeals for aid that you get in person, by phone or mail, by e-mail, on websites, or on social networking sites may not be on the up-and-up. Unfortunately, legitimate charities face competition from fraudsters who either solicit for bogus charities or aren’t entirely honest about how a so-called charity will use your contribution.

Consider these tips:

  • Donate to charities you know and trust with a proven track record of dealing with disasters. And, as always, research a charity before you give.
  • Designate the disaster to make sure your funds are going to disaster relief, rather than a general fund.
  • Don’t assume that charity messages posted on social media are legitimate. Research the organization yourself. Search its name plus “complaint,” “review,” “rating,” or “scam.”
  • When texting to donate, confirm the number with the source before you donate. The charge will show up on your mobile phone bill, but donations are not immediate.
  • Find out if the charity or fundraiser must be registered in your state by contacting the National Association of State Charity Officials. If the charity should be registered, but they’re not, consider donating through another charity.

To learn more, go to

If you, or someone you know has been affected by the wildfires, please see and share, Picking up the pieces after a wildfire.



November 15, 2018
I am glad you caught the arsonist whom caused these fires.
November 15, 2018
Your warning comes at an opportune time. Yes is not about the charities. It is about a "Notice" I received yesterday from a "company" that wants to make sure it can insure me for a warranty on a car it thinks I own. Actually it is in my husband's name so that wast the first warning. They want me to respond within 5 days. The information about this "company is in about a 1 font - if not smaller. There is no company name - just an address: 500 Northwest Plaza, Suite 1200, St. Ann, MO, 63074. The postmark is Dallas, TX Permit#2650 - Presorted 1st Class Mail. There is no mention of mailing anything , just a phone # 1-888-259-4243.
Family man 5678
December 20, 2019
in this world of social media, and making a quick buck. To protect yourself and family you should go the extra-yard by checking out the status of business that you are buying from, some are not worthy of your capital.