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July is Military Consumer Month and a good time to focus on scams affecting military consumers. Last year, imposter scams once again topped the list of frauds that military consumers reported to the FTC. More than 36,000 servicemembers, veterans, or family members reported an imposter scam. Although only 11% of them reported losing money, their total losses to this type of scam were $34 million, with a median loss of $900.

Imposter scams can take many forms. Some imposters say they’re calling from the government or from a business with technical support expertise. Others pose as legitimate users of online dating sites, or claim that they are a friend or family member with an emergency. But they all involve a con artist who pretends to be someone you trust, to convince you to send money or personal information.

During Military Consumer Month, we’ll post weekly tips for servicemembers, veterans, and their families about spotting and avoiding some of the most prevalent imposter scams. This month, help the military and veteran communities:

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