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As we told you about in this recent post, Online Trading Academy (OTA) is sending letters and email notices to people who are eligible for debt forgiveness. These notices are real, so don’t delete or throw them away, and check your spam or junk folders in case the email notice was directed there. They have important instructions on how to ask for your debt forgiveness from OTA.

If you haven’t seen a letter or email notice, and want to see if you qualify to have your outstanding OTA debt forgiven and removed from your credit report, visit But you should act quickly. You have until Friday, November 13, 2020, to ask OTA for debt forgiveness. To let them know, or if you have questions, call OTA at 1-877-755-1650 or email OTA at You can also email the FTC at

For more information on the FTC’s settlement, visit And remember, if you’ve been scammed by an investment program or seminar, report it to the FTC at

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