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It’s almost February and you know what that means…it’s getting close to National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW)! This year, NCPW is March 6-12, 2022, so now’s the time to jump into planning.

NCPW is the time of year when government agencies, consumer protection groups, and people like you work together to help remind your family, friends, and neighbors of their consumer rights and avoid frauds and scams. Want to join in? Here are some ideas:

  • Help your family, friends and community avoid scams. Order free materials to share in English or Spanish. Order by February 7th to ensure delivery by NCPW.
  • Plan a virtual consumer protection event. Find ideas at for how to get involved.
  • Share resources on COVID-19 scams. Share ways to avoid these scams, from COVID tests to vaccine scams. Check out for free resources, including one-page handouts and graphics to share on social media.
  • Visit for even more resources.

We’ll be back next month to tell you more about the virtual events we have planned for NCPW. See you then.

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February 01, 2022
What a brilliant idea! I work at a big box club, been there 14 years. I have so many favorites. The sweet families and their little children. Seniors whom I adore. And all the others in between. When they come shopping, they always stop and chat with me when they come through my department area. We've talked about everything under the sun in the last 14 years. I often make it a point to let them know the latest identity and personal accounts scams. I get way more thank you's than you'd think from them. My special focus is on the seniors, since they are often caught off guard, and aren't computer savvy for the most part. There's been many times I've been asked if I had any printed material? Many of those inquiries are from the younger husband and wives concerned for their parents. I finally discovered that the FTC offers booklets and whatnot. I ordered a bunch and will hand them out as my people come through. Some of the elderly have asked for printed information too, so they can share with their friends at the senior center they frequent. I'm looking forward to receiving those and handing them out. I'm ashamed it didn't dawn on me before now, but, I never considered that some of those booklets should be in Spanish. We have a large number of members who do okay speaking English, but I'm sure they'd benefit from reading the information in Spanish, especially their family members who haven't mastered the English language. Now, here I am with a new thing to share with them. The consumer protection week coming in March. Yay! Thank you FTC.
February 01, 2022
An easy way to avoid telephone scams is to buy a phone with an answering machine. More than 95% of the calls I get hang up. Those obvious scammers that leave a message, I report to the authorities.