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Have you signed up to get something sent to your home regularly? Has a company offered you a “free trial”? Or maybe you have a membership or subscription that bills your credit card automatically. Those can be convenient set-it-and-forget-it ways to get the products you want. But what’s your experience been when you tried to cancel? The FTC wants to hear your story.

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M Pinson
May 07, 2023

American homeshield. I had 8 seer AC unit that the tech said would be better then the 6seer I originally had. The unit started knocking I called the tech back multiple times, he promised to come back but nvr did. I called American home shield and told then. They sent many techs over the course of 2 yrs. They all said the same, the unit installed is for single family not townhouse. In 2022 the tech I spoke to said they would not increase the cost of my monthly payment from 49.00 They did to 65.00 monthly and refuse to go back to the original monthly price but I am still getting the knocking that keeps me up all day and night.

Greg G
May 07, 2023

It should be one click and done. In the past it was almost impossible to undo a subscription.
The public needs to have the rights over the companies. There needs to be a reminder that shows how and when you can unsubscribe anytime or whatever the rules are.

Greg G
May 07, 2023

It should be one click and done. In the past it was almost impossible to undo a subscription.
The public needs to have the rights over the companies. There needs to be a reminder that shows how and when you can unsubscribe anytime or whatever the rules are.

Gene pilllips
May 07, 2023

Sam's club automatically charged my credit card for $115.00 for new membership
. I just seen it on the monthly statement.
I never thought about Sam's Club advancing automatically.

Delores Work Fields
May 07, 2023

It’s been very bad, trying to cancel or stop service providers from continuing charging on your credit card. I’ve had to cancel my credit card to get a new card. It’s a nightmare! Companies are breaking all kind of rules, Citi will not let you file a grievance or dispute charges. This is destroying people credit.

Dianne Kosboth
May 07, 2023

Recently wanted to cancel subscription to Tru Earth. System was painless, quick and worked.( Love the product though. )

Clyde Eller
May 07, 2023

Haven't tried yet Sounds like good policy. Wondering if there's a downbside.

Alvin Plummer
May 07, 2023

It's a foregone conclusion that any call to cancel experience is going to be unpleasant and you will encounter something between persistence and outright insolence. If you can subscribe online you must be able to unsubscribe the same way. For my own habits, I would subscribe to more things if I didn't know what a nuisance it would be if I was no longer interested and wanted to cancel.

May 07, 2023

I applaud the move to make it simpler and easier for consumers to cancel memberships/subscriptions. The explosion of services offered via the subscription model, while convenient on its face, when paired with companies that make it complicated, confusing, or time consuming to cancel, creates a predatory scheme that drains people's funds by relying on individual's complacency or distractedness in our ever increasingly busy and complex world. n

Sharon Rohlmeier
May 07, 2023

I bought 2 subscriptions to Highlights magazine for my grandchildren. My credit card has been billed regularly for several years now. My credit card company closed that account and issued a new card with a new number. Highlights has been emailing me that they haven't been able to renew the subscription. I sent a check for one subscription and I want the other cancelled. I continue to get past due notices from Highlights for the one I do not want renewed. I have responded to these emails telling them to cancel but I am still getting past due bills. I am concerned that this will ruin my credit.

Roy Arnold
May 07, 2023

Glad this assistance is offered

Judy Wheeler
May 07, 2023

Although I haven't had a problem described but I advocate this change to allow people to cancel without hassle.
Thanks for what you do!

Barry Allen
May 07, 2023

I've experienced both difficulty canceling and easy canceling. I've learned from the difficult ones to check out the cancellation process before I get the free trial. If it's a phone #, I copy it and put it in the calendar reminder to cancel. I do that because sometimes that # is very difficult to find after you sign up! I always put an appointment in my calendar when it's time to cancel. One newspaper just keeps lowering the price when I try to cancel, it is then affordable. If it's not super cheap I would cancel it. Streaming services on TV have usually been straight forward except when it's a free trial through Amazon. Then it's difficult to cancel.

Rosanna Watson
May 07, 2023

Kudos for this effort. If the T’s & C’s allow penalty-free cancellation, it should be just as easy to cancel a subscription as it is to sign up. I’m tired of one-click sign-up, only to find that you must cancel by phone during business hours… only to wait on hold. A recent one-click subscription took me 45 minutes to cancel. Let’s fix this.

Gary Burbank
May 07, 2023

On March 6, 2023 I entered my credit card for a $1 charge to answer a technical question on Justanswer website. A technician named Nathan helped me. When I received my Visa statement in March, there were two charges from Justanswer: one for $1 & one for $46. I had been automatically enrolled as a member. I was charged again in April, 2023 for membership. I called to complain, and Jay told me he would contact me later to review charges. I went online to cancel the membership. Since I had never enrolled I did not know my account number or password. I was able to find an account, and cancel the membership, but I demanded that the March & April charges be rescinded. I also notified the credit card company.

May 07, 2023

Tried a mobile plan with C------, now known asX------, and decided I didn't not like the phone or the plan. Talked with 6 reps who assured me that my account would be closed. I had already sent the phone back, which they did not state would take at least 10 days for "FedEx to check the return." Most of these reps are uninformed, as I knew that it wasn't FedEX but X-------- return warehouse where they grade the phones. I only took the phone out of the box; did not activate it, and sent it back. I know these reps tell customers different things to get them off the phone. I finally contacted PA Atty Gen because VA Atty Gen, where I live, said they only deals with other state offices. Huh? I don't think they know their jobs either. I knew that X----- HQ was on JFK Blvd in Phila and used to live in PA. This took 2-3 weeks and I still think the acct is open because they gave me a small credit. The supervisor who finally emailed me acted like this was all my fault. X------ rarely lets people know when there is a change or a policy. These big companies get mad at the customer for getting mad at them. X---- seems to delight in making people mad and then pushing it back to the customer. ... And they get away with it because everyone is scared of them. A phone subscription is just like any other subscription. I will never try any of X----- other products again, but the one I have, Internet. Way too much stress for me.

EA DeFouw
May 07, 2023

In a few cases it is simple to cancel, but in most cases it is "nightmare" to cancel. They make it very difficult in every way possible - you are 'wits end" by the time you finally get something cancelled after many hours on the phone and internet. That has to change.

Carolyn Arnold
May 07, 2023

A year or two ago, I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. At the end of the trial, I tried to cancel. Every time I clicked on cancel, a new page popped up telling me about a different benefit I would use. After hitting "cancel" multiple times, I thought I had succeeded. Then I found a charge on my credit card for another month. I went back to Amazon and went through the process again, this time not stopping until cancellation was confirmed.

Daryl Ann Sparks
May 07, 2023

You are correct it's convenient.But, in my sisters case, not so. This company welovedoggos is hitting her up 75.00 a month, she has sent the an email to cancel, but they continue. She is 63 yrs old, has numerous health problems and is on a fixed income. She gets 1094.00 a month 635.00 goes to her lot rent and she is not on food stamps. They don't have a phone number. What are people like her to do??

Susan R Schultz
May 07, 2023

I decided to cancel all of my credit cards except for my bank credit card. The process was easy, I cut up the cards into minute pieces, jagged and I hope, useless, then deposited these remainders in messy garbage bags.

I made the decision primarily because I realized that the money that I was saving because of sales, special deals, and coupons were not worth the cost of even a single scam.

I hope that it was the right decision.

May 09, 2023

In reply to by Susan R Schultz

Please never ever use your debit card as a credit card. Fraudsters will drain your entire bank account. With CC companies, you can dispute charges (which costs the merchants much more than a refund), and get your money back. They will cover your losses. You’re their customer.

With debit cards? Not the same. I’d suggest using one credit card for online stuff. Paying it right away as if it’s your debit card. And always read the fine print, and check your statements regularly.

larry adams
May 07, 2023

Ihad to call a number to cancel a suscription . The gal was friendly and she cancelled the subscription.

May 07, 2023

Had a membership with XM and it was an arduous task to cancel. There is no web site to cancel, one has to call and speak to an agent. Did manage it in one call but it was back and forth, back and forth.

I will not subscribe again, bad taste.

Dee Rona
May 07, 2023

I had one-year introductory rates to digital access for Consumer Reports Online, and National Geographic online. Before they were set to renew, I was able to cancel auto-renewal very easily: with a phonecall to Consumer Reports customer service, and online for Nat'l Geographic by logging in to my account. I am very cautious about which companies I would trust to handle auto-renew straightforwardly.

steve hale
May 07, 2023

Mostly it has been pretty easy to cancel things after a trial period.

It would really simplify things if businesses sent you an email to ask you to renew BEFORE the time period runs out . Some do , some don't. thanks

John Stroncheck
May 07, 2023

Two years ago I signed up for for a two ur subscription. Just last month my checking account was overdrawn by Classmates because they said I signed up for automatic renewal. I checked my classmate profile and I chose manual renewal.

But, I would have never allowed them to keep my debit card number. When I called Classmates the day after they charged my account they said the only way I could have subscribed was leaving my credit card information with them. I never do that with any company, except Amazon, so I don't know how Classmates was able to charge me. BTW, Classmates said they would not refund the money, I called my bank, investigation is in progress.

Bonnie Gerasimov
May 07, 2023

I just want to cancel all of my email & USPS Mail subscriptions on line with one click. I hate how I throw out 90% of our household mail and we can't even recycle most of it since it's unsolicited junk mail on expensive glossy printed paper that is not earth friendly! 😩

Quinn Dahlstrom
May 07, 2023

Most of the companies that I have dealt with have ended monthly things that I got into. However, when they don't I notify my credit card company and file a claim against them and that usually if not always works. Stopping the constant emails is another story.

May 07, 2023

I was interested in buying Car warranty for my car from the advertisement for Car Shield with the rapper "Ice Tea" featured in the advertisement. I called the number on television and spoke with a Rep. from Car Shield. The Problem began with what appeared on my credit card statement. I was being billed by a company "PEACE OF MIND AUTO CARE" for $100.00 on 6/29/2021. On that same statement there was another charge By "MEPCO" for $171.08 on July 20, 2021. Still on the same billing a charge from CAR SHIELD appeared for $104.99 on 8/6/2021.
When I called about the charge from "PEACE OF MIND AUTO CARE", i asked f or a refund because I didn't apply for car insurance from them. I had to keep watching my statements to make sure I was refunded. MEPCO said they were a billing company for CAR SHIELD.. i ASKED for my money back and canceled the Insurance. I then called CAR SHIELD TO CANCEL THE INSURANCE WITH THEM. it took me a long time trying to get my money back. Some businesses put a telephone number after the Company name that's making the debit to my card and when I called back to see if they have placed the money back on my card, the telephone is out of SERVICE. I am fed up with theive's who has nothing to do but STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

May 07, 2023

I don't do this very often but I always make a note in my calendar to cancel and I rarely have a problem. Sometimes it takes a lot of searching to find where you can cancel it but I usually get it done without too much fuss

May 07, 2023

I often keep weird hours, so companies giving rigid time windows for ending my subscription is already a hassle and a half trying to schedule time to call BEFORE I’m charged for renewal, since it’s never a quick phone call. It’s never two minutes. Sometimes it’s because they are using every sales pitch invented and I never want to be rude to someone who probably doesn’t get paid enough to be yelled at by customers, but at this point I have to say “there is nothing you can say to me that will change my decision. Cancel my subscription now.” Fine. I feel awkward, whatever.

One time though. One time I was kept on hold so long that I timed out. As in, the clock hit the cutoff time and I was automatically hung up on. That is ridiculous, not something that should be allowed to happen when they are charging me money, and conveniently something that couldn’t happen ever again for anyone if we could just unsubscribe from things quickly and easily with a click.

john a guzzi
May 07, 2023

i had a deceiving promotion about buying flashlight for $5.98 and if you use master card you get another 5% off I was billed $39.00 and 59.00 and $82.00 was billed for joining some kind of membership my citi card is working on getting my credit back it has happened many times and there is no indication of this on their presentations RB jeesan strong was one of these companies $39.37. Arrival photo was another $5.80 for the flash light and then $82.45 phone # was 8332160451, another was shine photo another $82..45 for this these two I paid $5.80 for this and query the $82.45 each shine photo 8662029246: then there was simple thread $39.93 and $59.96 8774532185. simple thread showed my info that I ordered this was true they had the date of purchase and showed my credit order but I ordered some promo for $5.80 not $39.93, $59.96 there was nothing I saw as a product or service and never received any service or product for these amounts

Kanayochukwu N…
May 07, 2023

I do appreciate your service, as it's very productive for me because, after reading your "alerts", I tend to be more careful and thereby, avoid the scammers. My immense thanks to you, for keeping me informed.


john guzzi
May 07, 2023

1 or 2 co's put you on hold forever. I did cancel 1 or 2 of thembut some of the others were more complex so I had to call fraud dept at my credit card

Laurel M. Neuf…
May 07, 2023

I try to use Pay-pal when I subscribe to repeat services. I have decided to cancel for a few different things and Pay-pal makes this process much easier.
Also, repeat shipments from are very easy to cancel.

May 07, 2023

I recently joined Ancestry, I was going to cancel but if I did cancel before my subscription was not at the end of it's expiration I would be charged an early cancellation charge. I waited until my subscription was almost at the end and called the number to cancel, I waited almost twenty minutes and I hung up, I had to cancel as the subscription was to roll over for another year so I called back and luckily I was able to end my membership. I subscribed online and I believed that I could also cancel the same way, I felt that this was misleading and was quite upset that it was difficult to cancel.

Joanne Brown-Vossler
May 07, 2023

I have experienced having to almost threaten a company with legal action when they finally cancelled my subscription or monthly membership. I have also experienced subscriptions I didn't ask for and getting the run around when trying to cancel them. I got them cancelled when I threatened legal action. No one should be able to set up a subscription without your actual consent or request. You should not have to fight to cancel something or to get something you ordered. Consumers don't have enough protection from this kind of business practice and businesses shouldn't have the ability to do business that way.

May 15, 2023

My mom had emailed Ryze to cancel her monthly subscription but instead of cancelling, the company tried to do more sales talk and ignored my mom's request by continuing to send their product monthly, charging her card. My mom decided to stop the PayPal payment but recently received another email alert from the company that they will be sending another bag of their product.

Taniesha Myles
May 07, 2023

Noom was the worst. The company makes it almost impossible to cancel. Noom is terrible and without shame.

May 07, 2023

Amazon does this & to it's Prime Paid Membership folks no less & I always have to contact Amazon's Customer Service which isn't exactly easy to start with. But once I get sum1 to help i have to wait for them to look into it then I have to wait again sometimes days for the refund to go onto my card and has resulted many times in me losing out on other deals or even to pay my important bills on time even doing so has cost me addl fees cuz I couldn't pay the bill cuz they pulled the money and shouldn't have. Many times I've cancelled it and they've charged the card that was last used on my acct that doesn't even belong to me cuz it was a gift purchase etc it's ridiculous and it used to be for their movie watching subscriptions but their product refill ones also and they many times don't even have authorization to charge the card they did period but it doesn't matter cuz they make me wait days. But they used to offer movie channels like HBO etc for a 30 day free trial then it was average 14 days and now it's a measley 7 days which is very difficult to manage when it comes to cancelling but often they'll simply debit a card that isn't even on file but if u have one on file that u have used before, they'll charge it & getting that card deleted off ur acct in several other places is part of the scam honestly. But after being sold 3 separate items from Amazon that were beauty product counterfeits and then not refunding my order (partial gift card & debit card) I'm no longer choosing to shop there :(

Tim Miranda
May 07, 2023

I fully support the Click to Cancel proposal. My most recent experience had to do with cancelling my DirecTV and AT&T internet services. It was so much easier signing up than cancelling, they bounce you from person to person before you can finally cancel. But then they follow-up with days of aggravating phone calls trying to get you back. There's no reason consumers should have to put up with that.

May 07, 2023

I’ve had a couple different insurance companies that when i’ve requested to cancel my service by phone which was auto withdrawal …have sent out an agent to my house to beg me to stay, tell me what a big mistake, etc. actually making me feel Shamed and bullied for cancelling.

i support this new regulation to require companies to simplify the action. The easiest option would be to make that possible for the consumer to cancel and do so directly through their bank.

Also these subscriptions also typically take unreasonable increases after the first year and seem to continually dramatically climb year to year. My computer antivirus just in ten years has very near tripled, with all sorts of pop up ad to add numerous other services which if i added each one could easily add another $100 or more. These ads like to instill fear if you don’t…and on a retirement income it’s not possible. These pop up ads from my well known top antivirus company seem like they are trying to scam with fear mongering. I do know the threats are real, but when i started with them i took out their top premium package and feel these new added services should have been added to my service as inclusions when they came available, especially since they have so drastically gone up on my subscription price each year.

Loretta Cogar
May 07, 2023

I have had all 3 happen. Usually, the Companies are good when I click cancel or if called to cancel and do that. But I have had some that I had to Email or jump through all kinds of hoops for and really had to fight to get them to cancel, even up to threatening to report them if they didn't.
So there are good and bad Companies out there, and it would be good to have them all responding the same way when you try to cancel.

Cynthia A
May 07, 2023

Although it is convenient for Apple users to subscribe through the app store, it can be miserable to find these subscriptions and unsubscribe when desired. It's also difficult to unsubscribe from Apple TV+. Once I had to actually call a magazine subscription service to unsubscribe after a trial, and now I just resort to disputing a charge on a credit card if I have to, and have missed the end of the trial period. You have to be diligent to not be charged for these things, and it's altogether too much work.

Susan Nangle
May 07, 2023

I had issues with Kitchen Aide. After buying a new refrigerator, they sent offers to have water filters sent annually or every six months. It was a trial. They had sent me an email to try let me know filters were going to be delivered. I tried without success to manage my subscription online. The website was always quirky. I would see my subscription briefly and it would pop out. I then spent time seeking out customer service and spoke with a representative who said they would cancel. Two weeks later I received an email
saying they were sending a filter. I returned the package to sender and disputed my
credit card charge. I am still waiting to hear about the disputed charge.

Harvey Joel Weitz
May 07, 2023

Although I am not a Weight Watchers (WW) member because I am shopping for a membership on the WW website here is what I discovered. WW offers different types of memberships priced differently because of what you're getting. WW invites you to join at low rates regardless of what category you sign up for BUT if you decide to discontinue the membership you have to agree at the point of joining that you'll be billed and pay the membership fee in same cases for as much as seven months.

Al Hartman
May 07, 2023

I am glad to get these reports. Keeps me in the know!

Ken Lyman
May 07, 2023

Anything involving being sent from Amazon has been easily stopped.

Not like Columbia House used to be (impossible to cancel). That was miserable.

Susan Burke
May 07, 2023

I recently discontinued my current subscription to Birds and Blooms & Birds and Blooms Extra.
I did it online on their website. Hopefully they have canceled both subscriptions as the "Extra" subscription was renewed automatically off our credit card. They stated they would be sending me a refund.

Thomas Castriota
May 07, 2023

I do believe some companies take advantage of consumers. However, I am not sure what that number is.