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Report phishing scams •	Forward the email: •Tell the FTC:

If you got an email that seems to be from MetaMask or PayPal, stop. They’re phishing scams. The MetaMask fake says your cryptocurrency wallet is blocked. And, if you don’t act fast, click a link, and update your wallet, they say your crypto will be lost. The phony PayPal message says BNC Billing cancelled your payment to Binance — and it gives you a phone number to reach PayPal…except that’s a scam, too. If you get one of the messages, delete it. But what then?

Most unexpected emails saying to act quickly, click a link, or call a number are phishing scams. They may look like they come from companies you know, but they’re from scammers who want you to think the message is real. That way, scammers think you’ll click into a fake website or call an actual scammer — all to solve a fake problem. If you click or call, the scammers will steal your financial or personal information, and that could lead to identity theft.

Here are examples of these fake phishing emails:

PayPal Binance Phishing Sample Email

MetaMask Phishing Sample Email

To spot and avoid a phishing scam:

  • Slow down. Ask yourself: Do I have an account with the company? Do I know whoever sent the email? If “no,” it’s a phishing attempt. If “yes,” still check it out. Contact the company using a number or website you know is real. And, if you own a cryptocurrency wallet and have a concern, contact the cryptocurrency exchange that holds your wallet.
  • Don’t click on any links. Links in unexpected texts or emails could lead to identity theft or let scammers install malware.
  • Update your security software. This will protect your phone and computer from security threats, which could expose your personal or financial information to scammers.

If you get a phishing email, forward it to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at Then tell the FTC at

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Eugene deFouw
May 10, 2023

I just got one of those emails. I have forwarded it to you per your instructions.
Thanks for the info.
I always check the email address of the sender and the return email address before I reply.
In most cases theses addresses are not from the true company requesting the $$.

May 11, 2023

i would love to see all companys that have invoicing services to have a report button at the bottom of there invoices.

Philip Adimari
May 10, 2023

I received this text message from (438) 609-9601: "ALERT! Primy Ergonomic Office Chair Order ID-64TGTDF $677.00 has been charged to your CARD ON APR 20,2023 IF you not? Ring us +16592094601." Since the 438 Area Code is in Montreal, my guess is that the scammer is making money from the poor sucker who calls them back to dispute the charge.

TheExpected Pr…
May 10, 2023

We thank you for your tremendous community service in serving the broad audience Well done

May 10, 2023

Just got an email on this. want it? it said I purchased something that I know I did not, and would not purchase, that I paid with pay-pal (which I never used). and that I should reply if I had any questions - which of course I did not.
also, what is wrong with this pay pal organization???

William Cline
May 10, 2023

I am waiting for a national "911" type e-mail address to send ALL suspected security threats. I have at least 10 different e-mails from various sources to report scams--all are too complicated. AI should separate false positives from the real issues. I am also waiting to hear scammers are being put in prison. If it has ever happened, I have not seen it reported in the news. Basically, constant warnings from dot gov, but no real action or protection.

FTC Staff
May 10, 2023

In reply to by William Cline

Get news about FTC actions at The FTC is a civil law enforcement agency. The United States Department of Justice brings criminal enforcement actions and shares news through its Office of Public Affairs. For example, on April 26, DOJ announced "Three Nevada Men Convicted in Multimillion Dollar Prize Notice Scheme." Read more at…. Get more DOJ news at

Beverly J Gerig
May 10, 2023

I have been getting alot of texting along the same tract. Do you have any advise about those?

Mr. Ed
May 11, 2023

I have an email by PayPal that said that I owe then some money and that I need to clip to resolve the problem. I did not deal with PayPal for a long time how can I own anything to them. And I also receive and alert from Facebook that someone is trying to log into your account. I don't even have a Facebook account it look like phishing and it delete.

Bonnie J Hargrave
July 10, 2023

Please change the reportphishing and reportfraud email addresses to text so we can cut/paste them into our email when forwarding it to them. The graphics are nice and big, but you can do that in text also and make it easier for us.