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You get a call or see an ad offering you big discounts on health insurance. Or maybe someone contacts you out of the blue, says they’re from the government, and asks for your Medicare number to issue you a new card.

Scammers follow the news. When it’s Medicare open season, or when health insurance is a big story, scammers get busy contacting people. They want to get your Social Security number, financial account numbers, or insurance information.

Think about these questions. Is that discount insurance plan a good deal? Is that “government official” really from the government? Do you really have to get a new health insurance card? The answer to all three is almost always: No.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Stop. Check it out. Before you share your information, call Medicare (1-800-MEDICARE). Do some research, and check with someone you trust.
  2. Pass this information on to a friend. You probably know about these scams. But you might know someone who could use a friendly reminder.

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