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From tax forms to family photos, the files on your computer are valuable. If you don’t want to lose them, back them up, and practice good  computer security habits  to protect yourself from hackers and viruses.


Your life is on your computer, from your financial records and contacts to your family photos and videos, your favorite music, movies, games, and other documents you wouldn't want to lose. The reality is, if you don't back up those files, you risk a total loss if your computer gets hacked, crashes, or downloads a virus. 

That's right. Everything. gone in a nanosecond. [MUSIC PLAYING] 

I did say back up. We want everyone to back up their files once a week. It's one way to avoid as digital disaster. 

[MUSIC PLAYING] If you don't back up often, you risk losing it all if your computer crashes, gets hacked, or downloads a virus. 

[MUSIC PLAYING] It's fast and easy to back up to an external hard drive, a DVD or CD, a flash drive, or to cloud storage. And when you're finished backing up your files, disconnect your back-up drive until you use it again. [MUSIC PLAYING] 

I couldn't have said it better myself. Back it up. Visit to learn more. 

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