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How To Recover Your Hacked Email or Social Media Account

There are lots of ways to protect your personal information and data from scammers. But what happens if your email or social media account gets hacked? Here are some quick steps to help you recover your email or social media account.

How To Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Your home networks might have a range of wireless devices on them — from computers and phones to IP cameras, voice assistants, smart TVs, and connected appliances. Taking some basic steps to secure your home Wi-Fi network will help protect your devices from getting hacked — and your information from getting stolen.
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Spotting scammy emails

Emily Wu

Let’s say you get an email about a charge to your credit card for something you aren’t expecting or don’t want.

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How can you spot a tech support scam?

Traci Armani

Are you getting pop-up warning messages on your computer screen? Or maybe a phone call that your computer has a virus? That may well be a tech support scam. But how do you know?

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Hang up on tech support calls

Jim Kreidler

It can be frustrating to have problems with your computer, especially now that so many people are working from home.

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What to ask before buying internet-connected toys

Cristina Miranda

What’s on your holiday wish list? Perhaps a smart speaker for your kids’ bedroom, or a cuddly cool internet-connected smart toy to help them learn?