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Misleading ads can sound pretty plausible; learn how to sort out fact from a fib.


Here at the FTC, when it comes to advertising hype, we've heard it all, and some of it can be a little over-the-top. We've sued many of them and got money back for cheated customers. Let's take a peek in the old archives, shall we?

Ah, yes. How about the fantastic footwear that kicks your butt into shape, burn more calories- these shoes do all the work. Sink your claws into this one-- lotion with lobster hormones, so you can shrink a size without going on a diet. Wow. Or why not let your skivvies do all the work? Lose inches and pounds. Just wear our caffeine-infused underwear. Really?

Sure, when you say it like that, you can spot them stretching the truth a mile away, but a lot of time even misleading ads can sound pretty plausible. Sorting out the facts from a fib can be a little, well, hit or myth. Here are a few tips to help you tell the truth from a tall tale.

Take a pass on any product that promises weight loss or fitness results with no effort. No garment, gizmo, or cream will get you slim and toned. Getting fit takes time and work. Forget the photos-- they could be altered. Plus, before and after snaps may show a satisfied customer, but that doesn't mean you'll have the same experience. In reality, that sculpted physique could be the result of rigorous diet and exercise, not the product. The best path to losing weight is regular exercise and healthful eating. Learn more at

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